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Animated fictional documentary- humor and science fiction - series, for teens and young adults.

Season #1: 26 x 2 min. is currently in development.

We are looking for co-producers, financiers, studios, distributors as well as TV channels to work with us on the Globolab international co-production.

Globolab Synopsis

Globolab is an Audiovisual Explosion that presents a supernatural world parodying the documentary format and revealing a humorous critique of our society and history. It’s content with a positive message that seeks serious reflection based on lighthearted humor.

Each show brings us a series of gags and farcically comedic situations about an extraterrestrial planet, its creatures and technologies. Using the structure of a documentary, in many cases humor arises from the contrast between voice-over and visuals. This world of characters stems from a foundation of scientific anthropological study in which characters’ reactions to various stimuli are observed and their behavior, characteristics and evolution are analyzed.

The civilization that blooms on this fictitious planet is the experiment of a superior race that has developed to highly synthetic levels over thousands of years. Even after exhausting practically all resources and suffering a series of disastrous wars, the GLOBE inhabitants - unlike those on planet Earth - always prevail, whether due to their intelligence, silliness or dumb luck.

Each episode touches on a different aspect of the life and history of this civilization: its heroes, customs, wars, origins, first civilizations, cultures, games, sports, etc.

The characters do not speak. Rather, they emit sounds from an unintelligible language that is made comprehensible through their forms, gestures and personalities. Besides humor, each episode invites reflection on some aspect of our planet by using analogies and parodies to address important current social themes.

Co-production 2018

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We are looking for:

  • Producers
  • Representatives of Film Funds
  • Broadcasters
  • Financiers
  • Distributors
  • Animation Studios
  • Private Equity Investors

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