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Theme Planet

Theme Planet is an animated feature, currently in development.

We are looking for co-producers, financiers, studios, distributors as well as TV channels in Asia to work with us on the Theme Planet international co-production.

Theme Planet Synopsis

Theme Planet is a gigantic roller coaster planet featuring numerous exciting thrill rides that have been constructed one on top of another in hundreds of levels over the course of many decades.

Among the thousands of inhabitants of the planet, a small pig named Carl and his buddy, an elephant Elroy, work as maintenance staff. One day the two friends’ lives are greatly disturbed when huge metal-eating robot worms emerge from the planet’s underground, devouring entire roller coasters and even their beloved home.

The desperate residents of Theme Planet persuade the duo to travel to the planet’s mythical core to stop the robot worms before they destroy the entire world.

On their adventurous fast-paced mission to restore peace and harmony, they discover the secrets of Theme Planet´s core, reunite a family and go through numerous surprises and twists along the journey until finally managing to save the planet from destruction and ruin.

Co-production 2017

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We are looking for:

  • Producers
  • Representatives of Film Funds
  • Broadcasters
  • Financiers
  • Distributors
  • Animation Studios
  • Private Equity Investors

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